Nothing more beautiful than seeing a house with large rooms, although its power does not saturate an area in bad shape, but this advantage in its full measure. Fill large things is not very funny considering that the space will be lost between the different sites. The house we see is located in the Netherlands and was created by architects Van der Velde Grosfeld the private.


Set on a hillside slope, this three-storey house is a modern, minimalist exterior featuring alternating layers of marble and glass walls. Wide windows blur the boundaries between internal and external, illuminated interior with natural light and provides a direct link with nature.

Inside, high-ceiling living room open up to introduce a modern edge with real livability. Refined interior in black and white palette match house cleaning, lines and bold architectural details. Almost every room offers immediate access to the landscaped terrace or garden ground floor, where even water feature lined with smooth gray river rocks match soothing sense of tranquility at home. And just as nice, but on a larger scale, a 80 m2 pool geometrical winds its way through the open deck Travertine

Many luxury homes are such that any memorial design dream live there and get inspiration for their own homes from them. Living room furniture is the first impression that your guests will get home as a whole, and you will naturally want to turn it into a powerful.

Deep, comfortable sofas are the marks of a luxury living for most people, when others find it to be hit, such as tables and lamps. Living Lighting is designed to eliminate dark rooms and improve visibility, comfort and aesthetic sense, adding a room. Daylight plays an important role in de day.

Living room lighting aims to eliminate dark rooms and enhance visibility, comfort and add to the aesthetic sense of the room. Living room light plays an important role in decorating living rooms. Living room lighting ideas generally include layers of lighting such as general lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting.